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Helping you Shortlist Candidates 

Keyword search tools are often used as a quick way of short listing, but this may overlook perfectly good candidates if the keyword isn’t present on their CV. At BWF Recruitment, we read through every CV, talk to the candidates with the most potential, make a full assessment of their suitability and fill in any gaps. This means that not only do we get to know them better in terms of culture fit for the organisation, but we can ensure that the CV that is sent to the client is as in depth and relevant as possible. 

BWF Recruitment - Trusted Sales Recruitment 

Once a business uses our services, they come back. We work in partnership with our clients and spend time getting to know all of our candidates, so we can ultimately find the best person for every vacancy. We’d like you to use us just once and let us prove to you how our services will help you secure the highest calibre of professional for your organisation. 
"Ben is very honest and trustworthy. From other recommendations it’s clear to say Ben has the correct skills to go far! From having excellent communication skills to sell professionally with high integrity. Ben is a true professional and I am happy to write this recommendation" 
"Ben is an excellent communicator and excels at what he does. He has the knowledge and expertise to know what I am looking for in an individual. Ben has recruited some of my top performers and he has a strict vetting process, so I do not get to waste my time. Ben is a true professional and I have no hesitation in writing a recommendation for him." 
"Ben listens.... he finds out what I need , by when and provides on time. If there is something that he cannot accommodate then he lets me know. That is what one needs from a recruiter....I would recommend Ben as he is trustworthy and honest....he thinks out of the box and is easy to work with." 
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